Youth Program FAQs

When does registration open and close?
Early registration begins annually in March and remains open until all seats are filled. Feel free to register anytime during the program if there are available seats. Tip: Join our mailing list for notifications and early access to class registration!


How long does the program last?
The program spans 25 weeks over 8 months, starting in the second week of September and concluding at the end of April.


Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, we offer flexibility. You can choose to pay upfront or opt for convenient monthly installments. Payment details are outlined during the registration process.


Can I sign my child up after the program has started?
Yes! If there are available seats, we welcome new students to join even after the program has started.


Are the fees prorated if I sign my child up after the program has started?
Yes, our registration system updates weekly, so the displayed price reflects the prorated amount for late registrations.


Will my child be behind if they start the program late?
While starting at the beginning is ideal, each new medium introduction begins at a beginner’s level. Our system accommodates varying student levels with extra attention and assistance.


What mediums are covered throughout the program?
We rotate through staple mediums like pencil drawing, pen and ink drawing, pastel drawing, watercolor, ceramics, and acrylic paint. Some years may introduce additional mediums such as printmaking, fibers, collage, gouache paint, and mixed media.


Do you do the same projects every year?
While we have staple lessons, each year brings fresh projects with different outcomes, ensuring the program remains dynamic and engaging for returning students.


Can my child try a single class to see if they like it?
We don’t offer trial runs for the extended program, but shorter courses are available to give them a taste of the studio environment before committing to the long-term program.