Meet the Teacher

Meet the instructors.


Brooke Treadwell

Brooke Treadwell is a Texas girl, born and raised, and has finally found her way to New Braunfels. She studied Fine Art and Design at Texas State University and graduated with a BFA in Communication Design. She works predominately in acrylic and oil, but she also experiments with watercolor and mixed media pieces.

Brooke is heavily influenced by the ideas of expressionism, allowing for spontaneity and a fresh perspective. With her expressionistic base, Brooke is able to bring her paintings to live with a strong presence of rhythm and emotion. The utilization of a limited color palette places focus on the technical mastery and emotion of the subject matter.


Hannah Bligh

Hannah Bligh was born and raised by a family of artists. Growing up you could find Hannah in her mother’s studio (the future Alla Prima) soaking in as much technical knowledge as she could muster. She followed this passion for art to the University of Texas at Austin where she received her BFA in Studio Art. Her studies included lithography, woodblock printing, ceramics, sculpture, art theory, and painting. Hannah’s love of painting is an unbridled one which has pushed her towards large format works that are filled with technical precision and a meticulous attention to color and color mixing. She is inspired by Matisse’s bright colors and expressive figures, but has her head stuck in the clouds of April Gornik’s landscape paintings.




Samantha Jean Simmons

Much of our lives are spent finding a purpose and establishing a path to follow, and Samantha Jean has found that in art. Being raised in a family of artists and makers allowed for an early cultivation of her creativity and love for the arts, and has motivated her to spend her entire life making and creating.

Samantha Jean graduated from Texas Lutheran University with a BFA in Studio Art that focused primarily in painting and installation work. She has spent the last six years as a creative stylist and visual merchandiser in Austin. She is now residing in her hometown, New Braunfels, working on a new body of  work and actively engaging in the growth and fostering of the local art scene. She is currently working on a new collection of art that is largely inspired by the textures of the nature of her local landscape. Sam’s current flavors of choice are watercolor and ceramics.